An Ode to The One

Hey, I am calling you tonight to apologize, yes, to apologize and let you know that I do not know exactly what happened or what came over me. No, I am not calling to casually chit-chat about bullshit, not to get cheesy, and certainly not to banter until we can’t take it anymore to the point of having to meet up to release the tension in a physical form. No, not at all.

I am calling with one thing in mind, and that is to simply tell you that I must have been crazy to think that someone like you can easily be found anywhere, damn was I wrong. I thought it would be as easy as finding the next one at a coffee shop, maybe on a random encounter by the park where hundreds and hundreds walk on the daily, or maybe just maybe strolling down the street but no, not this time… this time is different.

The shine that emanates from within, that undeniable scent that drives me wild, and those enigmatic eyes that hypnotize and make me weak at the knees. So beautiful, so mysterious, so interesting but more importantly, so special, the kind of special that makes you stop and ponder the possibility that she may be the one.

“She is one of those who is easy to remember but almost impossible to forget.”

She may be the one that actually enjoys an evening all alone reading a good book and sipping on a 2009 Chateau Margaux Balthazar swirling in her oh-so inviting mouth, licking her lips, igniting her tastebuds and enjoying every drop of it, all of this while wearing nothing but a comfy pair of PJs and her hair up in a ponytail.

What could possibly be better than that! If this is not picture perfect… then, what is?

She is one of those rare gems who make you feel that spending a Saturday night at home, comfy and cozy to watch a cheesy flick and order-in some non-healthy, cheap ass fast food that is nothing but a guilty pleasure for both of you look and feel like the more fun and better alternative, yes, better than going out for a couple of drinks with friends. Yes, she is that rare gem that somehow finds a way to penetrate deep down inside your heart and leave an indelible mark in it without even asking for permission to do so. She is one of those who is easy to remember but almost impossible to forget.

This blissful experience simply does not happen with everyone nor anyone, this only happens with the ones that radiate like a fulminant star, the one that burns bright and shines a light where darkness may reside in you. This is made possible by the one that transforms into a hurricane that creates chaos in your life when the only thing you need is a peaceful time, yet you don’t mind it because this is the type of chaos you are willing to put up with, one filled with adventures and unforgettable times.

“I am here calling you this late just to let you know how beautiful you are, and to tell you that you have what it takes to accomplish whatever you set your mind to… because I believe in you.”

Just know that what makes her special is the fact that she doesn’t fall easily in love with anyone but when she does, she gets lost in the process and loves with all of her heart and might. In order to unleash such sublime and unimaginable enchantment, I want to believe that I am willing to go the same distance and beyond, to love without restraints, to reach those heights and depths just the way she does.

If I could, I would turn myself into a magic pill called ‘gift’ and be exactly that for her every single waking day, for her to take it, letting herself go and let go of everything knowing that I will be there like a present on a Christmas morning, an everlasting light and her everything, the one thing she always asked for and believed in with blind faith.

I am here calling you this late just to let you know -if you haven’t heard it as of late- how beautiful you are, and to tell you that you have what it takes to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, that your goals and dreams are within reach because I believe that you can achieve that and more, but more than anything because I believe in you.

Close your eyes so you can feel my embrace, a genuine embrace that is charged with passion, love and desire no matter the distance. One that transcends life itself because it is given with everything I have and everything I am. Yes, I am calling you this late to let you know that everything I am, everything I have and whatever is left of me, it is all yours… if you are ready for it.


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