Unchained Hearts & Yellow Roses

Early morning, my eyelids open slowly to awake and take on yet another day in this place we call world. The sunlight still shines through my window, the scent around the room remains the same, the routine completely unchanged, so why does it feel different now?

All of a sudden my heart feels fuller than it has been in a long time, and no, it isn’t about filling it with temporary fixes, pleasures, or any kind of instant gratification. This feels different; feeling like all of a sudden the imagery that I see through my lens has been dyed in vivid Technicolor, bright as it has ever been with every object in my path filled with meaning, smiling back at me.

Why is this? Maybe nothing has changed around me and everything remains the same, maybe this is a reflection of my inner being, the world putting up a mirror to show me how I look, how I cannot seem to hide the happiness that permeates throughout my heart and this is simply confirmation of how I found something that is worthwhile going after, something that transcends my own being and interests.

“All of a sudden the days seem to be longer when you’re not around, and far too short when I’m with you.”

Yes, my heart is full because some way, somehow you managed to penetrate what I once thought it was a bulletproof shield against any emotion that would make me feel vulnerable, and head over heels. All of a sudden the days seem to be longer when you’re not around, and far too short when I’m with you.

It is crazy to think that after so many tries, so many attempts, the time invested in making it happen, I finally realized that I was not insane to think there was something special there when maybe others would have suggested otherwise. I simply do not know what it was that made me stay on course; I guess it just felt right. A hunch, a feeling, a sentiment of the heart that I decided to follow through with blind faith.

Now it appears that the best part of my week is the time when I finally get to see you again. It is true when they say that we should live in the moment as too often we worry about the future and making plans for it or dwell about the past when all we truly have is the present, a moment when we are as alive as we can be. Your decisions are spontaneous, your heart is open and your spirit free but more than anything living in the moment allows us to be present, which happens to be the moment in time where we fully exist and allow ourselves to feel and enjoy everything. I am saying this because you have become my present.

“I choose to be with you because you bring a smile to my face & a gleam in my eyes, the same gleam I see in yours when you look at me”

I choose to be with you because you make it easier to be, because everything becomes effortless, because I can be me without being judged, because you bring an ear to ear smile to my face and a gleam in my eyes, the same gleam I see in yours when you look at me. I choose you because being completely vulnerable doesn’t appear to be a daunting task. I can simply just be me.

The truth is that it is human nature to gravitate to those that matter to us because of how they make us feel, the way they treat us, because feeling wanted and desired is ultimately what everyone wants in the world. And that is the reason why I choose to be with you, and know in my heart of hearts that my hunch was right all along.

You arrived without much of a warning, without generating much noise, you simply snuck up on me like a thief in the night. I just didn’t see you coming. I guess they are right when they say that falling for someone does come at the most unexpected time, in the middle of a storm, at a crossroads, stumbling upon each other at a coffee shop or maybe exchanging glances at a bar, who knows?

Life is a matter of timing. Right place, right time and in the middle of all the craziness and chaos, sometimes we stumble upon a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Looking back at it, I believe it was the stroke that was meant to be. All I know is that I was standing there, you were in the vicinity, eyes connected, pleasantries were exchanged and next thing you know the journey began to verify what my heart had already done so. Leap was taken, connection happened and the rest is now history.  It. Just. Happened.


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