+ AM’s About +

According to my astrological sign, my profile breaks down like this…

L I B R A:  Explosive. Intelligent. Energetic. Mysterious. Passionate. Emotional. Lover Material. Attractive. Opinionated. Loyal & a Hopeless Romantic.

Or you can always take a peek at my Instagram and see for yourself…

• Lover • Traveler • Writer •
• Musician • Horror • Eclectic • Unorthodox •
• Adventurer • Personal Development •
 Social Dynamics •

Or just read my blog and you will have a perfect understanding of what makes me tick, and keeps this heart of mine burning with unbridled passion.

As far as my thought process, a friend of mine always asks everyone he meets about what they would do if a massive pandemic and zombie outbreak were to happen…. I know, highly unlikely but here is my response:

“With a crowbar on hand, I go to the first In-N-Out I come across for shelter & get myself a hot, juicy Double-Double with a chocolate shake while I wait for them to show up, start swinging and kick major ass. Of course, the imminent, and atrocious ending to life as we know it will come but I’m taking down and bringing with me a couple of those suckers!!! – I’m going down swinging.  Boom!”

Any questions?

Armani Morphium