Exploring The Silk Road

3:44am. Lights are dimmed in the living room with my go-to playlist reverberating through the speakers in the background on low volume. It is one that compiles the best of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, among others. The magical and sublime masterpieces that come one after the other without breaking musical affinity put me at ease without a care in the world, and -for that moment in time- nothing else matters. It is nothing short of bliss sitting back with a glass of Macallan, my body weight completely resting on the couch and perfection bouncing off my walls while I continue to relax and drift away… And then, it happens in a split second, the aha moment arrives.

The moment where I enter a world full of ideas, questions, thoughts about life, about the next step, about looking back or simply an itch to start bleeding on paper. I bring my journal and away I go. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane’s In a Sentimental Mood starts playing, and I begin to wonder, I wonder about licentious women and their ways, especially when they are all along. What goes through her mind when looking at herself in the mirror completely exposed, it is only her and no one else in front of that reflective surface. Certainly, all women are unique and each of them think differently but for those that are in touch with their sexuality, seem comfortable in their own skin and are unapologetic about it, what happens in that moment of exploration when the mood is right.

“She becomes a silk road with endless curvatures and perfect pastures… she becomes a paradise waiting to be explored”

She becomes the sky, the sun, and the moon. She becomes a silk road with endless curvatures and perfect pastures, she becomes a paradise waiting to be explored. As she unties and lets down her smooth mane, her hands turn into perfectly confectioned mitts begin to hover around such magical place heading towards the mountains covered in a light, velvety layer with their tips cutting through it as the sunlight hits melting away its cover, giving full view to such treasure. Her mitts explore and grace around its creases and curves, the motion is continuous and consistent until the area begins to tremble and echoes of pleasure emit from the sky.

The silk road begins to brighten and brighten the more it gets explored. As time passes by, soon a garden and a calm river can be seen in the distance. Not wasting any time, tracing their way over there, the sky lits with euphoric and vivid colors, the road appears to be damp yet inviting as its surroundings carry some sort of magnetic force that pulls them in to continue exploring -and they do- discovering more and more curves with no end in sight but oddly enough, a brighter scenery screaming and rejoicing in pleasure, in approval of such adventure, in search of the elusive ecstasy while witnessing its breathtaking landscapes, peaks, valleys, and uncover the essence of what makes her paradisiac silk road a thing of beauty to witness and appreciate.

“Tonight was the night where a woman found total bliss just by venturing out and exploring the silk road… Her silk road”

And then, a majestic garden is finally found in all of its glory with rays of light beaming through its surroundings, reflecting over the water and gracing its greens filled with colorful flowers, flowers yet to be in complete state of bloom. Tension begins to fill the air, as the mitts begin to play around with its beauty, its magical grounds they stumble upon a flower that stands above the rest, and with a simple and gentle touch, this one starts to flourish. The sky feasts its eyes on the beauty of the flower and its interaction with the mitts. So seamless, so uncomplicated, an organic experience unlike any other. The mystic mating dance between them continues, everything morphs yet again into something even more beautiful. The flower continues to blossom, gains momentum, rivers start to flow, and the scent of ecstasy emanates from the inside, all of this just by the caress and a gentle, velvety touch; just like running soft fingertips around the body’s most sensitive areas bringing everything into fruition.

With water trickling down the greens, the soil and each petal of the flower in bloom, there is no going back. Seismic activity feels at the core and below the surface with a great level of intensity increasing as the unabating but careful pat of the flower remains constant with the sole objective of an euphoric fulfillment and consummation of a sexual awakening.

As the kingdom and garden reach their apex, the stars and moon in the sky begin to radiate their natural glow, the river gates explode and its surroundings shake and quiver signaling climax, one that remains a mystery for many and one of humanity’s greatest, and most enigmatic treasures but tonight, tonight was the night where a woman found total bliss just by venturing out and exploring her majestic canvas, the silk road.

Her silk road.

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